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It’s our top priority to protect your loved ones, home and property.  It’s our job to provide you with reliable and affordable protection from burglary, fire and other threats.

Intercom / Audio Systems

Intercoms are a great way to enjoy room-to-room voice interaction within your home.  Users relax to music, news or sports in any room, poolside or on the patio.  We also offer video and audio entry systems allowing you to view visitors at the door and even open the door without physically being there.

In addition, we offer several other custom systems such as built-in CD players and electronic door chimes.



Security Services offers homeowners a closed circuit TV monitoring system as another layer of protection against crime.  Cameras are set to record activity in and out your home while you are away or sleeping.  The cameras can keep a watchful eye on your vehicles as well as entry points to help deter would-be criminals or record important evidence video of a criminal act.  CCTV enables time-stamped recording on hard drives or even Internet storage.  Video can be transmitted through high-speed DSL or cable modem lines allowing homeowners to monitor potential theft from anywhere in the world.


If you are building your home from the ground up, Security Services offers a free evaluation of your plans to create a system to best protect your property—and within your budget.  We also work as a partner with your contractor to ensure that pre-wiring is installed at the proper time during the building phase.  Wiring your building during the construction phase can offer more technology for a smaller price tag versus installing new systems after construction is completed.


We pride ourselves for having one of the best monitoring stations in the country for faster response time for our customers. Located in Birmingham, Alabama with multiple location back ups and state of the art technology ,that we believe, recieves and promply responses faster than any other company in the world.

Security Services

P.O. Box 850926

Mobile, Al 36685

Phone: (251) 633-6455



Security Services of Georgia
P.O. Box 681505
Marietta, GA 30068 

Phone: (678) 444-4999

Fax: (678) 444-4998


Mobile's best Value in Security Systems & Monitoring

$15.95 Monthly Monitoring

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